Collab with Magnus Norlander and Erik Arve.

Indivd is a startup tech-company that in firsthand help retail to optimize and understand their visitors through data and insights. To secure that visitors still got their privacy they have developed a unique algoritm to keep them anonymous. 

To gain confidence both B2B and B2C we needed to create a more simplified impression due to their complex service and at the same time reflect their service.

We came up with a solution that represent the same process as Indivd’s algoritm does, the process of anonymization. By transform images of people to unique gradients we created a key element for the visual language. In turn this element will be an endless opportunity for progression of the identity.


The icon represent the letter “I” and the human through a shape of an avatar. It was created with the aim to match the typography. By also making it to a dynamic element as a start and ending of the content it is able to boost the typography.

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